Francophile fêtes

During the last couple of weeks, we’ve had the opportunity to be a bit more social. In between studying and exploring, we grabbed a couple of drinks out with our school friends, attended a classmate’s party and celebrated St. Patrick’s Day. Being étrangers in Paris, social events such as these were something that we hadn’t been able to take part in until now.

Sammy in a bar

As you can see, Marc and I weren't the only ones who have been socializing more. Sammy also joined us for an evening out with our classmates. This seemed fitting in a land where dogs are allowed everywhere… well, almost anyways.

Mel & Sammy in a bar

Sammy felt right at home being 'one of the girls'. Three Americans, one Norwegian and one canine is definitely a recipe for fun!

Agnes' fête

Agnes' fête became quite the sing-along once she busted out the guitar. Marc even got to play a little later on in the evening and he really brought down the house! (Not shown in the photo, the 25 other party guests, also standing in the 100 square foot living room.)

Marc & Christof

Marc toasts with our other gracious fête host, Anges' boyfriend Christof. They shared one of Norway's favorite drinks, similar to vodka, with all of us which made for a very fun and very late night! Sköl!!!

St. Patrick's Day: Before

We were happy to find that the French celebrate St. Patrick's Day! We joined the festivities at an Irish pub near our apartment and toasted this fête with a pint of Guiness!

St. Patrick's Day: After

Actually maybe we celebrated with more than one pint… How about that cool St. Patty's Day swag?!

Although we’ve been having a great time at all of the fêtes, we also visited a couple of cool museums to get a little culture back in our lives.

Garden of the Rodin Museum

We both really enjoyed the sculptures at the Rodin Museum. Here is a shot of one of the pieces outside in the garden with gold-domed 'Les Invalides' in the background.

Marc & 'Le Penseur'

Marc stands beneath Rodin's most famous work—'Le Penseur' (that's 'The Thinker' for all of you English speakers).

Marc & Vangogh

The Rodin Museum also had several other artists' work, including this painting of Van Gogh's. Marc is caught pondering Rodin's mantra: 'plaisir, c'est mon seul guide.'

Rodin Museum view

Or perhaps he is just admiring the view…

Mel at the Cartier

Mel marks the spot outside of the Cartier Foundation where we went to see a very cool contemporary art exhibit by the Japanese artist Beat Takeshi Kitano. This was a museum neither of us had ever been to before and it's definitely one not to be missed if you find yourself in Paris!

Cartier Foundation

The Cartier Foundation is surrounded by trees that interact with the structure, making for a cool interior space, as well as a tranquil garden outside.

Luxembourg Garden

We also wanted to share a photo of the Luxembourg Gardens where we do most of our runs. No, that's not Mel running—only the French wear wool sweaters to exercise!

We promise that there actually was a lot of studying French that went on in between these fétes. In fact, it’s time to get back to the books once again… Well, maybe just one more…


~ by marcandmel on March 21, 2010.

2 Responses to “Francophile fêtes”

  1. I love that Sammy gets to party in the bars with you! Looks like lots of fun. Now I want to travel…

  2. I love all the swag, no matter where you are or what you are doing!

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