Un anniversaire inoubliable

It would be hard to find a better city than Paris to celebrate your 29th birthday… And even if you happen to be celebrating a slightly older birthday, as Mel did, Paris is still the perfect place to create unforgettable birthday memories. Marc planned an amazing day that started with a run by the Seine, a visit to the top of the Eiffel Tower and a return to the Seine, this time on a boat, complete with wine to toast the occasion.

Tour Eiffel

A view from below Paris' most famous landmark. As you can see, there wasn't a cloud in the sky for Mel's birthday and the weather didn't disappoint with temperatures in the 70s, making it an excellent day for all of our birthday activities.

Marc & Mel on La Tour Eiffel

All smiles from the top of La Tour Eiffel!

Marc & the gears

Marc had the elevator system 'on his mind'. Something's got to make those elevators climb all the way to the top!

View from the Your Eiffel

What an amazing view! High visibility made for some amazing views of Paris. This shot in the direction of Sacré Coeur… Sacré bleu!

Mel on Tour Eiffel

You just can't take enough pictures when the backdrop is an inspiring cityscape!

Another view from the Tour Eiffel

Here is a shot taken in the direction of our apartment. The gold dome is 'Les Invalides' and the second smaller dome on the right is the 'Pantheon', which is located on the hill near where we live.

Mel, our boat & the Seine

Isn't this a fantastic bateau?! We definitely rode in style for Mel's birthday on this bateau-mouche. Although the direct translation means "fly boat", bateau-mouche is what the French call all of the riverboats that cruise along the Seine.

Marc on the Bateau-mouche

You may be able to see the stocked bar over Marc's shoulder (yes, that's why he's all smiles)… Although our cruise only included wine, we joked that this was the Parisian's version of a 'booze cruise'.

Marc & Mel on the bateau-mouche

We had a great time cruising the Seine, sipping wine and recounting the amazing adventures that we've had in Paris so far. It was fun to see the city from a different vantage point. Since it was such a beautiful evening, people flocked to the river's edge enjoying picnics or their favorite libation as the sun set on another incredible day in Paris!

La Tour Eiffel at sunset

The city looked like one of Monet's paintings as the russet sunset cast a deep glow. If you look closely, you can even see the petite lune just beginning to show itself in the evening sky. Quel spectacle!


Le soleil se couche… très magnifique!

Birthday dinner

Then it was off to dinner. We went to a small Thai restaurant near our apartment that we had been wanting to try. Although eating French food has been amazing, it was nice to have Thai for a change of pace to remind us of home and some of our favorite foods that we often eat in Chicago.

Another picnic!

The weekend wouldn't have been complete without a picnic with friends on Friday after another great week of school!

We leave you with a sunset view of La Tour Eiffel. It may remind you of another picture we shared at the start of our trip. The tranquility of the scene remains, but the trees are no longer bare and new life is coming into this once somber city. Unfortunately that means that our time in Paris is quickly coming to an end…

Tour Eiffel at sunset

Luckily, we've had some unforgettable experiences here and look forward to the second city that we have yet to explore…


~ by marcandmel on May 8, 2010.

One Response to “Un anniversaire inoubliable”

  1. Definitely a birthday inolvidable!!!:) Amazing pictures!! When do you leave for the south? How close will you be to Annecy? Tonio’s cousins live there and have an extra guest room!!

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