Au revoir Paris!

It seems that somehow trois months have passed. Although we have learned a lot and had the experience of a lifetime, we can’t help but feel a little sad that it is time for us to say good bye to this magical city. We finished our French classes a week before leaving town, giving us time to enjoy the city before it was time to say au revoir.

Alliance Française Last Day

Marc and Mel stand outside of the Alliance Française after completing their last day of class. We left school with mixed emotions — heureux with how much we have accomplished, but triste that we will no longer be Parisian students.

Our Classe

Quelle classe! We even got a picture with our teacher, Karine (opposite Mel on the front right). We will never forget the friends that we've met and the French that we will use for the second part of our adventure. Merci pour tous!

Sammy dort

As you can see, Sammy will miss the grueling school study sessions.

Les Catacombs

A visit to the Catacombs was perfect during one of our last chilly, rainy mornings. After climbing several stories below ground, there are countless hallways of bones (note the skulls atop the wall of femurs) to walk through. It's a little creepy, but also cool that there is a place to honor all of those souls.

Sacré Coeur

We found this mignonne rue while climbing the hills near Sacré Coeur.

Monmartre cemetary

A view of the Monmartre cemetary from the bridge above. It's an interesting juxtaposition of the revered and ornate vs. the irreverent and industrial.

Living Wall

In one of our final walks around Paris, we came across one of the best examples of "green" architecture that the city has to offer — an entire building with a living wall! Not only is it beneficial for the environment, but it is also a beautiful break from the typical stone façades.

Tour Eiffel

Another amazing view of La Tour Eiffel. It never gets old seeing this très joli monument.

Marc at Versailles

Our time in Paris wouldn't have been complete without a visit to Marc's architecture school in Versailles. With the chateau as its backdrop, this école is unlike anything you can find in the states. Even on this May afternoon, when school is out, there were still a few students working on their final projects. Quelles memoires!

Mel at Versailles

Walking the grounds of Versailles shows you just how grandious this chateau is. No wonder the people revolted at such excess!

Notre fête!

In order to say au revoir to the many great people that we've met from all over the world during our time in Paris, we decided to have a fête at our apartment. It turned into quite the soirée with a mixture of french and english — luckily, having fun is universal!

Marc running in Lux

On our final day in Paris, we went for one last run through the garden. It was a great way to see the city and reminisce about all of the great things we had seen.

Mel sur Le Pont des Artes

Mel runs along our favorite bridge the Pont des Artes. In the evenings, this bridge comes alive with young people gathering for picnics and to watch the sun set. We look forward to the next time we can sit there and enjoy some spectacular views of the city.

La Seine at sunset

Here is one such sunset that we experienced earlier this spring on the Pont des Artes. It seemed like a fitting photo since our time in Paris has come to end. Although it is always sad to say good bye, we look forward to our trip to Perpignan and the new adventures that our time there will bring.

Sammy decided that she didn’t want to travel in her carry on bag by train to the south, so we rented a car and it will take a week for us to make the drive. We also plan to see a few parts of France that we haven’t visited before. Does anyone know how to say road trip en français? Just another thing we look forward to learning as we continue our quest to parle français dans le sud…


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