En parcourant le paysage

With a bit of sadness to be leaving Paris and great anticipation for le sud, we set out in our Renault Scenic for the south of France. Marc manned the wheel and Mel navigated the route. Together we managed to find our way through some of France’s most beautiful paysages (countrysides), while enjoying scenic views, quaint towns and some great wine along the way.

Marc dans la voiture

Marc had to try very hard to focus on the road, which proved difficult with so much joli paysage to take in. Aren't those intense fields of gold incroyable?!

Marc et Sammy à Reims

Our first stop was champagne country and the city of Reims where Marc and Sammy pose by the cathedral. We discovered that Sammy thinks champagne is delicieux!

Sammy à Reims

Luckily for us, France's love of dogs meant that traveling with Sammy was 'pas de problème.' Here she gazes at the Pommery Champagne Cave that we visited with her.

Obernai storks

How about these two storks?! In Alsace, we visited the très mignon town of Obernai, where they love their native bird.

Obernai's real stork

The cool part was that there actually were storks in Obernai. Isn't he magnifique sitting atop one of the buildings?

Mountain picnic

When it was time for a bite to eat, we decided to take advantage of the gorgeous mountain view and have a picnic.

Vosgues Mountains

We took the scenic route to get this shot of the Vosges Mountains. Although the altitude isn't incredibly high, these mountains offer many inspiring views.


Another town that we stayed in that has German influence is Colmar. You can see it in the rooftops of the town and we experienced the difference with the food as well. Plenty of bretzels to eat in place of baguettes.

Sammy in Alsace

Sammy enjoyed her car rides each day and the new spots she got to sleep in each night. Here she gets a good look and smell of the Alsacian grape fields.

Mel at Ronchamp

Our trip wouldn't be complete without a visit to another Le Corbusier masterpiece. Unlike the other two of his works that we visited before, this one is a church that sits upon a hilltop. It is a very impressive site both of the building itself and the surrounding countryside.

Beaune hotel

We had to include a picture of our "hotel" in Beaune. It turned out to be a motel outside of town, surrounded by vineyards. It felt like a scene from 'Sideways', except with Bourgogne wine, instead of pinot noir.

Motel view

At least the view from our motel room was pas mal…

Mel & Sammy among the vines

Just one more picture of the vines… Luckily, we don't have to say au revoir to them for long since Perpignan has many great vineyards in its surrounding villages, including a very important one where a certain couple celebrated their nuptials just three short years ago. We look forward to sharing Perpignan with you very soon!


~ by marcandmel on June 1, 2010.

2 Responses to “En parcourant le paysage”

  1. Dear Sammy, I am missing you back in Downers Grove, but glad to see you are enjoying the smells of the French countryside. Riding with your head out the window, passing all those fields of grapes, what a lucky dog! Ellie

  2. Your blog always makes me thirsty!!

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