Les tours et retours

Because Perpignan is ideally situated in a valley between les montagnes and la mer, anytime you venture out of town, you end up driving on winding roads. These twists and turns not only make for a fun drive, but they also lead to countless trésors cachés. In our recent parcours out of town, we were able to find a few…

Castelnou porte

'Quel trou de la serrure!' We found this unique 'porte' at the 'château fort' in Castelnou. It seems that architects were designing cool details back in the middle ages too.

Marc at Castelnou

Underneath 'un tour de guet', Marc fits right in with the backdrop and could easily be mistaken for a medieval guardsman.


This view of Castelnou shows how picturesque this town is sitting atop 'une colline'.

Bezier bateau

So not all of our 'parcours' have been 'en voiture'… On this afternoon trip to Bezier, we found ourselves on the 'Canal du Midi' for a leisurely boat ride. Luckily 'le bateau' was just small enough to fit underneath 'les petits ponts' that we encountered along the way.

Bezier beauties

Mel, Monique and Giselle (Monique's cousin) enjoy the afternoon 'brise' atop 'le bateau'.

Les Orgues

Unlike the typical 'pierres' found around Perpignan, these rock formations rise like organ pipes out of the ground and are appropriately named, 'Les Orgues'.

M, M & The Orgues

We couldn't resist this dramatic backdrop to 'prendre une photo ensemble'.

Mel in the vines

Mel hides within the Rivesaltes vines. Isn't it amazing how different the soil and landscape are where these 'raisins' grow?

Roman viaduct

It isn't very often that you stumble upon a working Roman viaduct… This one was tucked within the 'Corbière Montagnes' and even has a bridge to cross a larger river. 'C'était génial!'

M, M & Les Pêches

To mark the start of the 'pêche' season, we attended a festival in Ille-sur-Tête. The locals celebrated by dancing in the streets, while we ate (and still continue to eat!) the fruits of their labor.

Fête de l'Abricot

An even bigger festival than the one for 'les pêches' was the one for 'les abricots'. Monique did a fantastic job of choosing the best ones for us to 'goût'.

Le 14 Juillet

You may know 'le 14 Juillet' as Bastille Day, but here in France, it means 'plein de feu d'artifice'! In the heart of Perpignan, 'tout le monde' gathered to enjoy 'la grande spectacle'.

Mel sur le montagne

After venturing a bit further up in the mountains, we found 'un peu de vents'! What do you think about Mel's new French 'do?

Marc sur le montagne

Overlooking the 'magnifique paysage' is a great time to ponder where the next set of twists and turns will lead… As well as what the future might hold…


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