Avoir du pain sur la planche

With our days in France becoming numbered, we find that we have more and more to do. More sights to see and experiences to have before we return home… More thoughts of being home and the people that we will see when we get there… More planning for what our future might hold… As a result, we felt that the expression we’re using for this post’s title was parfait. Although the direct translation is “to have bread on the bread board”, the expression more accurately translates to a similar expression in English, “to have a lot on one’s plate”. It has been and will continue to be busy for us in our last weeks here, but hopefully that translates into a lot of great things for us to share with you before we go…

Chateau Nadal

Our time in Perpignan wouldn't be complete without a stop at the vineyard where we got married. There are so many 'souvenirs magiques' from that weekend!


You may be wondering why a 4-pack of 'panaché' was driving down the street… 'À cause du Tour de France, bien sûr!' One of the best parts about waiting for the riders to pass was the 'caravan' that preceeded them. You are never too old to enjoy having free stuff thrown at you from floats.

'La Tête de la course'

'La tête de la course!' You would not believe how fast the riders flew past us. Luckily we got to watch in this 'belle vallée', so it was well worth the trip.


We swear that the 'maillot rouge' in the center is Lance… He definitely held his own with the kids in the 'peloton' that day.

Le tour à velos

Inspired by the tour, we decided to spend a little time on 'velos' ourselves by taking a bike tour around Perpignan. They weren't quite the road bikes we'd been hoping for, but 'ça marche.'

Mel & l'olivier

'Le tour à velos' included a 'dégustation' of local wines and produce. Mel enjoyed this break under the shade of an olive tree.

We got out of town for a couple of days with a visit to Campôme. The mountains were a cool break from the 'chaleur' in Perpignan – you can really get used to that 'l'air frais de la montagne.'

Marc & Monique sur la montagne

We enjoyed many 'randonées', including this one with a view of the Albère mountains.

Sammy & les herbes

Sammy couldn't get enough of the new 'odeurs' of the mountains. She was like a 'chiot' exploring everything in her path!

Mel & les montagnes

The mountain top behind Mel may look familiar… It's 'le Canigou', one of the highest peaks of the Pyrénées. It looks a little different now than it did just a few weeks ago, 'sans neige'. If we have time, we'd like to climb to the top…

Côte d'Espagne

Quelle côte d'Espagne! We took a day trip to Figueres, Spain and couldn't pass the chance to take in this 'vue magnifique' along the drive.


Once in Figueres, we visited the Dali Museum, which hopefully explains 'les oeufs' that line the top of the building.


We don't think that having a lot on your plate is a bad thing if your plate is full of 'pâtisseries'! How about this 'petit gateau' that Marc enjoyed in honor of Mel's Dad's birthday? Two layers of different 'mousse au chocolat' on the inside… 'Bon Anniversaire' indeed!


~ by marcandmel on July 28, 2010.

2 Responses to “Avoir du pain sur la planche”

  1. Wow- I would love to go to Campone one day- so picturesque!!! I loved that Dali Museum as well!!! :) Is that the one with the lip couch? Such fun memories!!! When do you come back? Will we see you at Christmas in Chicago??? Can’t wait to hear more adventures and see more pictures!

  2. M & M, It is so much fun reliving the excitement of our French trip thru your blog. Such great memories! Love that cake for Dad’s birthday. I am looking for a vegan recipe of that cake to make for the celebration when you return home! Love, MOM

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