Oh là là

Although many of you have heard the phrase oh là là, or possibly even used it yourself, for the French, it takes on countless meanings. Instead of simply being a way to express something un peu risqué, as we often use it in English, in French oh là là is used to declare surprise, distress, happiness, annoyance, commiseration, etc. and emphasis can be added with extra là’s. Because of its versatility, we hear it frequently and find ourselves using it often as well. As our time abroad approaches its end, we find that there are more and more reasons to use this exclamation…

Mel at chateau

Oh là là, c'est magnifique! There were picturesque views in every direction from on top of this Cathar chateau — good thing our camera has plenty of memory!

Marc in silhouette

Oh là là là là, une silhouette formidable! Sitting atop the Corbière mountains, the ruins of the chateau were very cool to climb around in.

Classe dîner

Oh là là, quel repas! For our final farewell with our classmates, we all had dinner at our professor's 'maison'. Not only was the meal 'delicieux', but the conversation was a 'bon mélange' of French and English.

Marc at the Col de Jau

Oh là là là là là là, quelle direction! During another visit to the Col de Jau, Marc points out why 'randonées' in the mountains are a great way to get closer to nature.


Oh là là, un bon pique-nique! A hike wouldn't be complete without a 'croque' break in 'les ombres'.

Marc et du vin

Oh là là, quel bon goût! A wine tasting with some 'savoureux vin' was 'un plaisir' on the gorgeous afternoon. We will really miss all of the wonderful regional wines of 'le sud'!

Oh là là là là, c'est tres jaune! Another fun way to see the mountains is to take the 'petit train jaune'. Just wait for the views!

Oh là là là là là là, quel brouillard! It was a foggy afternoon in the mountains which made for some 'vues spectaculaires'.


Oh là là là là, c'est haute! One stop on the 'petit train' was the 'jolie ville' of Font-Romeu. Known for its skiing, this town had the altitude and views to prove it.

Solar building

Oh là là, quel énergie solaire! This solar collector in Font-Romeu was 'génial'! It is always great to see sustainable energy practices in action.

Marc on the train

Oh là là là là là là, un grand sourire! Who wouldn't smile after spending an afternoon 'dans les montagnes'?


Oh là là là là, quelle vue! We decided to hike one of the highest peaks of the Pyrénées — 'le Canigou.' Here is one sight from the 'sentier' just under the cloud line.

Le sommet

Oh là là là là là là là là, le sommet! It was 'un sentiment extraordinaire' to make it to the top! It made all things seem possible, no matter how 'énorme' they may seem…


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  1. Looking forward to your return to the states!!

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