À la vôtre

Somehow we find ourselves writing our last blog entry… We said au revoir to Perpignan and spent the last 5 days in Arles, Annecy and Mont Blanc on our way back to Paris where we fly out tomorrow morning. It seems that like all great things, our time here must come to an end. We leave France with mixed emotions… Triste to leave the amazing adventure we’re had here, but heurueux to return to our life in the states and begin whatever new adventure the future has in store.

Sammy at a café

We are not the only ones who have learned a lot during our time abroad. Sammy has also become a more 'détendu' version of herself, as you can see since she is happy hanging out under the table at this 'café'.

Marc & Sammy in Arles

Marc and Sammy pose outside of a Roman arena in Arles. Here anyone can feel like a 'gladiateur!'

Mel & Sammy in Arles

Arles is also known for its influence on the work of Van Gogh. This 'jardin' was the subject of some of his paintings and it's easy to see why.

Sammy & le glacier

What you should see is the peak of Mont Blanc, but 'les nuages' did not cooperate. Instead, Sammy points out the glacier on the mountainside.

Marc bike riding

We couldn't resist a bike ride around Lake Annecy. We were right at home in this city by 'un grand lac' — the miles of bike paths 'au bord du lac' were 'merveilleux'!

Mel in Annecy

A visit to Annecy wouldn't have been complete without a photo next to the 'canal'. The views were 'très mignon'!

Marc picnicing

With views as 'phénoménal' as this, we couldn't resist one last 'picque-nique en plein aire'.

Then we found ourselves back in Paris, reminiscing and revisiting all of our favorite spots. Here is Café Léa, a great spot to grab an 'apéritif'.

Finally it was time for one final toast on the 'Pont des Artes.' Although it was a cool, rainy day in Paris, the clouds parted just in time for one last sunset on our favorite 'pont'…

So as we part ways, we toast as the French do… to your health, or à la votre! Merci for sharing this voyage with us, it has been l’aventure d’une vie!


~ by marcandmel on August 13, 2010.

3 Responses to “À la vôtre”

  1. What a fantastic journey it has been. Thanks for sharing it with us. When should we expect to see the first post on your new blog… The New World? You are welcomed to visit us in Philly anytime.

  2. Oooh, I wish I would have known you were going to Annecy! Tonio’s cousin lives there with her husband and 3 kids!:) They got married at the church in the little downtown. SO BEAUTIFUL!!!!:) Are you back in Chicago? When do you go to the west coast?

  3. Marc & Mel –
    I am freaking out with jealousy at this awesome adventure you just took! It was great to meet you both at Anni & Kamals wedding over the weekend. I can’t wait to hear how the next adventure goes.

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